This website is a collaboration  featuring the photography of Mary and Bob Barker.  We are husband and wife and both enjoy photography but we each focus on different aspects of the art.  Our “About” pages provide more information on each of our area’s of focus.  We both use Canon DSLR photo equipment to capture our images, as well as Canon professional grade printers to maximize image quality.  This site is intended to be a portfolio of some of our favorite and most popular images.  We each post regularly to Facebook , Instagram, and various other social media.  


We currently have an exhibit of our work along with the extremely talented painter Audi Souza at the Hamilton Public Library.  We will be featuring twenty six pieces which will remain on display from July 2nd 2018 through August 30th,  2018.  All items on display there are available for sale. 

The images posted on this website are the property of the photographer and may not be copied, downloaded, printed, or otherwise reproduced without express consent in advance from the owner.